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Leadership Seminars

Introduce basic leadership principles in a format that stimulates active participation. The collaborative team approach is explored and developed.

Time Management Seminar
Covers the fundamental principles of time management with practical exercises designed to immediately increase daily effectiveness.

Principles of Wealth Building
Developing a wealth building consciousness. Covers the Four Principles of Wealth Building. Explores different vehicles for creating wealth and the power of budgeting.

The Twelve Universal Laws of Success
Personal development seminar that incorporates spiritual principles into a practical self-help action approach to success. Topics include: improving self-esteem, overcoming obstacles, fear and worry; building self-discipline; making success plans; wealth building; improving relationships; overcoming procrastination.


Our Products

This is a link to health products that make you feel better, look younger and live longer. There is also a mentorship and business opportunity for those interested in making money while helping others live a higher quality life.

Official Keynotes and Seminars

Brief motivational talks, 20 to 60 minutes, that inspire listeners to strive for personal excellence in their jobs, professions and personal lives. Appropriate for corporations, churches, businesses, schools, conventions, sales meetings etc.

How to always get what you want?

It’s never too late to be great.

How to achieve success against all odds?

Hot to soar with eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys.

Network Marketing/Entrepreneurship

How to use network marketing to create wealth, happiness and legacy.

How to do what must be done to live the life you desire.

Keynote Speeches and Trainings

Following are topics based on the book and they are available for corporations and other organizations to be provided as keynote speeches and training sessions of 3 hours.

You become what you think about most of the time. Thoughts about yourself (self-image), other people (attitude) and the world in general (frame of reference) are the foundation of your life experience. What you recognize, you energize. What you energize, you realize.

Be not conformed to your present situation. Be transformed by the renewing on your mind. Change your life by changing your thinking.

Write your vision. Make it plain upon tablets. It will surely come to pass. What you see clearly in your thoughts manifests in your life experience.

What you say is what you get. Often expressed as the Law of Affirmation. Whatever you affirm with feeling, you get.

Like attracts Like. Often expressed as the Law of Attraction. Be the person you want to be to attract the people you want to meet, the experiences you wish to have, and the possessions you seek to enjoy.

Keep your eye on the prize. Whatever you focus on grows. Focus combines vision, action and discipline into desired results.

Doing what must be done efficiently and effectively.

The activity of achieving goals through written plans diligently executed.

How to be most effective in doing what must be done.

Investing your time, thoughts, energies, and money wisely and effectively.

Solving the riddle of survival. Managing your time in accord with the Time Question: “What is the best use of my time right now when I consider my goals, vision and purpose.

Harmonic relationships with your source, yourself, others and material possessions is the “making power” to get things done. When two or more are gathered on one accord, “I Am” – the “making power” is among them.

There is always enough of whatever you need to get whatever you want. Opportunity is infinite. Supply is always sufficient. Lack and limitations are illusions. Only abundance.

Persistence is the expression of your will to win. Without persistence, you will not be successful. A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins. Hang tough and keep rolling.

The truth shall make you free. The truth that makes you free is the basic understanding that the universe operates by process through order, laws and principles over time. When you are congruent and harmonic with this process, nothing is impossible.

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