Our Services

Each of the services and products are designed to shift your mind and habits from where you are to where you want to be in your business. Dr. Harris is a funny, charismatic, well-educated and formally trained expert in field in network marketing, song writing, authorship, and personal develop. He is available to travel or provide services virtually. Contact his team to find out how you can bring Dr. Harris’ knowledge and experience to your next event.

Our Core Values

Each of these values are the foundation for everything that Dr. Herbert Harris provides from live seminars to products and everything in between. His personal values are infused into the way he interactions in every occasion.

Demonstrate fairness and equity

Always deliver value

Focus on health

Share experiential education

Provide master level experiences

Engage in fun supportive interactions

...and More

Contact us today to discuss your needs for your next event, mentorship, or product packages brought to you with Dr. Herbert Harris.