Power Thoughts For Your Success By Dr. Herbert Harris

Power Thoughts For Your Success By Dr. Herbert Harris

The Truth About Success

Success is generally defined as a favorable or satisfactory outcome or result. Whatever you do in your life, you get results. Whether or not those results are the ones you desired, is your measure of success.
Success is often defined as the gaining of wealth, fame, rank and so on. However, in the most general terms, success is the continuous realization of the outcomes or results you desire.
On the physical level, success is often seen as specific material accomplishments—a particular type of car, home, status, or income level. But, once the car, home or other material possessions are obtained, there may be no further growth in understanding, wisdom, or consciousness.
People who operate on this material level of success often become consumed with maintaining those possessions that represent their success.
When success is understood on a spiritual level, it is seen as a progressive realization of a worthwhile purpose. You continue to grow and develop in all aspects.
On a spiritual level, success is the continuous unfolding of your purpose and destiny.
True success is the progressive, continuous effort of attaining your goals and realizing your vision. This process leads to your worthwhile purpose in life.

Success Must Be In Your Mind First

Success starts in your own mind. Constantly have a concept and vision in your mind of what success means to you.
“You become what you think about most of the time.”
—Earl Nightingale

Be Constant In Your Efforts

Never take a break from your success journey. Do not stop for rest and reward too soon. When you stop at the first sign of success, you become stagnant, lazy, and begin to decline.
As your efforts begin to produce rewards and results, work even harder. Success and achievement come only through continuous work.
The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Get Away From The Crowd At The Bottom

One of the most difficult steps you will face on your success journey is getting away from the crowd at the bottom. There are many unsuccessful, mediocre people who have failed to recognize or act on their true potential. If you constantly associate with them, your success journey may be short-lived.
You must clear the deck to make room for new associations that will complement and enhance your success efforts.
Once you break away from the mediocre crowd, accept the temporary state of loneliness and prepare for your success.

Be Willing To Change Your Life Completely

You must be willing to change your life completely. Make your life congruent with, consistent with, and harmonic with your desired success.
Is there anything about the way you think or feel about yourself that will frustrate your success efforts? If so, handle it immediately. Do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to become the person that you must be, to accomplish your goals and realize your vision.

Every day, in every way
I’m getting better and better

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