Levels Of Consciousness

On the most fundamental level, success is a matter of consciousness. There are three levels of mind or consciousness. They are the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and superconscious mind. Each level of mind has its own characteristics. The Conscious Mind Your conscious mind is what you think. This is your rational, logical mind. It is masculine in nature and operates personally, selectively, and judgmentally. Your conscious mind creates and develops your thoughts. Your thoughts have two aspects: the idea—the statement of the thought—and [...]


Nine Rules For Becoming A Success

Do not procrastinate Do not wait until all conditions are right to become a success. You could wait the rest of your life. Believe that you always possess the understanding, courage, and self-confidence to take action. Realize that procrastination is a state of mind and the thief of dreams. Do it now Take the first step. There is always something you can do RIGHT NOW to move closer to your success. Use need, desire, ambition, and attitude to motivate yourself to immediate [...]


Power Thoughts For Your Success By Dr. Herbert Harris

The Truth About Success Success is generally defined as a favorable or satisfactory outcome or result. Whatever you do in your life, you get results. Whether or not those results are the ones you desired, is your measure of success. Success is often defined as the gaining of wealth, fame, rank and so on. However, in the most general terms, success is the continuous realization of the outcomes or results you desire. On the physical level, success is often seen as specific [...]