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Dr. Herbert Harris the Millionaire Mentor

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Biography of Dr. Herbert Harris

Dr. Herbert Harris is an author, speaker and  retired attorney. He is a graduate of Columbia University in New York City who has authored numerous books including How to Make Money in Music, a highly popular guide book to the music industry, The Golden Twelve Universal Rules for Achieving Success and Power Thoughts for Your Success.

Herbert’s most popular book, The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, provides an organized, straight forward, step-by-step approach to basic success principles and the laws of the universe under which they operate.  It is an international best-seller in numerous countries including Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, India, Italy, Mexico, Romania and Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Harris is co-founder of the LifeSkill Institute, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping people learn, practice and master the skills for successful living. He is a former Director of the Science of Living Institute in New York City.

A much sought after speaker, Herbert has spoken for major corporations, national and international organizations, colleges and universities, national conferences and trade shows.

Dr. Herbert Harris is a renowned expert and trainer in personal development, entrepreneurship and network marketing. He is also a popular guest on radio and television programs. His goal of transforming the lives of 1,000,000 people each year keeps him busy writing, speaking, conducting seminars and webinars, and mentoring Super Achievers to experience “outrageous success”.